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 Supportive Services offers low cost professional service to individuals going to prison., and their families left behind.

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James Villarreal, PhD.

Compassion & Information


Education and coaching is offered to you and your loved ones in a non-judgemental and professional style.

Your coach is James Villarreal, PhD., with over 30 years of experience in human services and experience with places of incarceration.

My services will help you & yours get through your ordeal successfully.    See  Services 


Why get coaching and support?

The ordeal of going to prison and being imprisoned is beyond description. Everyone has ideas and has some awarenesses of certain aspects of the prison situation, but there is a lot to know if you want to get through it more easily than someone else. 

Not only is the ordeal traumatizing to the convicted person but their loved ones can be traumatized as well. The experience IS a living HELL for everyone. Depending on what the offense is and how long you will be incarcerated, you will be able to determine a lot about the game plan you should have in order to get through it with minimal damage. 

There are the experiences of the 'convicted' and the experiences of those left behind. There is virtually no personalized service to help each of you prepare and cope with your experience. The process of preparing is extensive. The process of coping while you are away is a separate and important experience. Day to day life after incarceration is an exercise of mental strength, faith, and positive thinking. 

There are many things to do before going into prison and there will be many things to consider after being incarcerated. You should know eveyrthing as best you can, as you need to know. Your loved ones deserve the same opportunity. Not knowing what you need to know will be detrimental to everyone and only create more pain and suffering, forever. 

You cannot believe that you read or hear from friends, movies, tv, or the press. There is a lot of things that never get reported to the outside world. There are a lot of things that vary from institution to institution that you need to understand before you get there. How you behave and what your do with uncertainty may make your experience either better or worse. Your family needs to know how to cope with what you are coping with. Coaching and counseling will help you and your family think correctly and know how to deal with the change and uncertainties in everyone's life. 

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Helping hands are global. There are millions of people that believe in humane incarceration and restoring rights to prisoners. Everyone has rights and deserves fair treatment.