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Greetings!  Im Dr. James, a specialist in the adjustment process of the imprisoned individual and their families.  Please read the information below and on the next page(s). 

Going to prison?

If you are connecting with me, it says that you are experiencing a very difficult time and could use the support of an experienced professional. I understand first hand the challenges faced by someone who will be incarcerated.  Both the imprisoned and their loved ones need knowledge and support for getting through this awful time.

You need reliable education and direction

Services are established to help both the imprisoned and their loved ones, before, during and after the experience of imprisonment. The best time to start is before you go to prison. All the issues and decisions your face will be overwhelming and very stressful. Know what you are going to do before, it is too late. Understand what everyone faces and how to manage the time away. While you are away, your loved ones can benefit from my support, if desired. 

Very few professionals offer this expertise

Options are readily available to deal with the crisis of conviction and how to survive the whole experience you will face. I offer over 25 years of experience in the social work and psychology arena. My clinical experience is wide, ranging from the juvenile justice system to state and federal imprisonment. You will feel more secure knowing that you and your family are well prepared for the inevitable. 

A game plan and peace of mind is essential

Please, do yourself a favor and reach out to me, for knowledge and solutions. Counsel, referrals, and adjustment support is available for a nominal charge. Your confidentiality is secure. Don't delay, time is of the essence. 


Reach me at 719-639-1110  and at  

Service hours are usually by appointment.

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